Saturday, October 29, 2011


received a blog award from Katie! So Apparently now I've got to list seven facts about myself and then make my own blog recommendations. I'm not going to recommend any blogs because the only one I follow is Katie and the only people who follow me are Katie and another lovely lady who found me through Katie's recommendation. Hah.. D:

So! Seven facts about me. 

1) I have three tattoos and the fourth is all planned out. I think I'll get it in the spring. It'll either be my last or second last one. They're addictive at first but I'm about done. Though I do love tattoos, personally I like the look of naked skin better than I would like ink on myself. Only one of three tattoos is visible. You can see it in my last post. (Yes, that is a preggers test. Huzzah!)

2) When I'm not living in my college town, I live with my boyfriend of (almost) two years, Alex. He is my first everything. People say we're an excellent and slash or cute couple. He's the one with me in the photos in my last post. I hope that's obvious enough, though.

3) I need to travel. Seriously. I was fine not traveling at all, but then once I started it became an addiction that cannot be satisfied. I want to see everything and then I want to see everything twice. I feel like the whole reason I'm at school, trying my best to get a good job in my field that earns me a lot of money is so that I can use that money to see the world. I can't wait! (My largest tattoo pertains to my love of traveling.)

4) I have a violent and inexplicable fear of vomit and vomiting. I've developed like, a sixth sense. I can always tell when someone's about to be sick in films and I've become really good at it in real life, too! I bolt out of the room; fast. In the theater, I look down and plug my ears. One time I was in a hall with a friend and we smelt something weird that we couldn't put our finger on. We left the hall and couldn't smell it anymore but my friend realized it smelt like vomit. I gagged pretty violently right there in the hall in front of everyone just knowing that that was what I was smelling earlier!

5) I've been told by a few completely unrelated people from different parts of my life that I resemble a turtle. I've started to believe it but I really don't want to!

6) The best compliments I receive are about my sense of humour. It's because I think I'm hilarious, so it's always wonderful to hear that someone else thinks so, too. I think my next favourites are when people tell me how one-of-a-kind I am. I once heard "you are the weirdest person I have ever met" and I felt amazing all day. It's true, I'm pretty fuckin' weird, but only people who really get to know me get to see that.

7) I over-think and over-analyze practically everything I do, including this stupid blog post. No fact is interesting or quirky enough, so this is where I leave you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


really need to start going to the gym. I mean, I have a free gym at my disposal at college. I'm not fat or anything, but there's clearly room for improvement. I want to look the way I looked two years ago. Except.. not exactly. I gained like ten pounds and although I'm not keen on the thighs and waking up in the morning with a less-than-flat stomach, I'm quite enjoying my newly acquired butt. Moving up a cup size isn't bad, either. Still, I want to go to the beach this summer and feel really good. Like "look at me!" good.

Thanksgiving was super. It was great being at home for like four consecutive days. Plus I had really, really good sex. Next year one of my roommates is all done so she'll be leaving. If I stay here, I'll take her room! It as a window, and room for a double bed! It's so close to the school here, too. The only reason I'd leave is if my parents bought a place to rent out. Or I guess, "bugs in the Spring.." which is another roommates reason for maybe leaving after this year.

Today I went to the pub after class with a (new) friend. I thought I was going to just get straight to doing homework, but I mentioned that I never go to the pub because all my friends here so far are eighteen so they can't go. He asked if I wanted to so I did! I like the friends I hang out with outside of class but I like to hang around with different people. Afterward we ran into another guy that I'd like to be friends with and we agreed that next time he would come with us, so I'm really glad about that. It's almost impossible to make conversation with this guy in class!

It's nearly nine o'clock now and I have an eight o'clock class in the morning with an assignment due, so I guess I'll get started on that. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I set my alarm for eleven:thirty this morning. I actually woke up before that time and could have gotten up, but it was just so damn dark! It was too hard! I don't know how many times I hit snooze but I ended up waking up at one:thirty. That sucks.

I had a nightmare for the first time in a long time last night. It's hard to describe but it was terrifying while I was there and it woke me up in the middle of the night.

I finally got my student ID card yesterday and my face seriously looks like a squashed tomato.

It's Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday and the day after that is FRIDAY. Huzzah!

Monday, October 3, 2011


week. They always start out so slow, but by Friday they always seem to have flown by. I'm hoping my dad's not busy this Friday so that Alex, my parents and I can all go out to dinner. We've been together for over a year and a half but my parents have just warmed up to him recently and I'm dying for them to get to know him better. I mean, I've been to birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas.. and he's barely been around my family at all. And my family is amazing (ridiculous.) And we go places and do things and now he can be a part of that! I really hope we do well in school and that everything works out as planned with my mum's new job so that the three of us can go to Europe next summer. The excitement of just thinking about it kills me every time.

I am the most mature.
School is alright. Painting sucks. I think I've figured out what I want to do, and I think it means I'll be in school for another four to six years. Most likely the latter (which sucks.) I wanted to see Epic Meal Time tomorrow because they're coming for a show at my school. Weird, right? The Epic Meal Time guys are touring? I don't get it and I can't imagine what they might do, but unfortunately I'm almost certain that the show is sold out. That's really too bad, I think it would have been really entertaining. College life is a little boring this year.