Wednesday, October 12, 2011


really need to start going to the gym. I mean, I have a free gym at my disposal at college. I'm not fat or anything, but there's clearly room for improvement. I want to look the way I looked two years ago. Except.. not exactly. I gained like ten pounds and although I'm not keen on the thighs and waking up in the morning with a less-than-flat stomach, I'm quite enjoying my newly acquired butt. Moving up a cup size isn't bad, either. Still, I want to go to the beach this summer and feel really good. Like "look at me!" good.

Thanksgiving was super. It was great being at home for like four consecutive days. Plus I had really, really good sex. Next year one of my roommates is all done so she'll be leaving. If I stay here, I'll take her room! It as a window, and room for a double bed! It's so close to the school here, too. The only reason I'd leave is if my parents bought a place to rent out. Or I guess, "bugs in the Spring.." which is another roommates reason for maybe leaving after this year.

Today I went to the pub after class with a (new) friend. I thought I was going to just get straight to doing homework, but I mentioned that I never go to the pub because all my friends here so far are eighteen so they can't go. He asked if I wanted to so I did! I like the friends I hang out with outside of class but I like to hang around with different people. Afterward we ran into another guy that I'd like to be friends with and we agreed that next time he would come with us, so I'm really glad about that. It's almost impossible to make conversation with this guy in class!

It's nearly nine o'clock now and I have an eight o'clock class in the morning with an assignment due, so I guess I'll get started on that. Sigh.

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