Wednesday, November 23, 2011


just got home from the school pub. We only left because it closed. I was with that guy I keep mentioning. We're gonna call him Flip-flop from now on because it matches his personality. So I was with Flip-flop, Ginger, Hippie and Mush at the pub and we were there for like, five hours. Turns out Flip-flop's actually a really cool guy when he's really drunk. He becomes easy to talk to and everything. Just like.. normal. And he didn't say anything dick-like at all! I said I'll probably go back to the pub every Wednesday (I don't drink, but it's half-priced wings) and he asked if he could come. I said sure but told him he can't be getting wasted every week. I figured it was the right thing to say, even though he's kindof a sore to hang around when he's sober. I've already known Ginger but it was my first time hanging out with the other two. Pretty sure Mush is the same always but I think Hippie may be less immature when he's drunk (not sure though, since I don't know him too well.)

Anyway, tonight was pleasant! SERIOUSLY not looking forward to class at eight in the morning. I'm supposed to be going to the gym with a friend but it's soooooo not happening. I actually feel really guilty. I don't know, maybe it'll end up happening, but I'm highly doubtful. We'll see!

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