Tuesday, January 10, 2012


so it's been a while! I'm compelled to post tonight in particular because I've just had the best day! I woke up at seven and went to my eight o'clock class. Afterwards I went to the caf and had a delicious soup for less than three dollars before going to the mall with my friend Anita. Before heading out of the school, some kids working for the school union stopped us and asked if we'd be around after five. I said yes even though I wasn't sure 'cause I figured there could only be benefit, from the looks of things. We each ended up getting a card we could redeem for a toonie (two dollars) at the school pub for Toonie Tuesday! So we'd just have to give them the card when we get there and they'll give us a toonie which we can choose to either keep or put towards getting something off the toonie menu. Basically, free money OR free food! Anyway, we went to the mall, first. There we sit and chat for like an hour and a half or something, it was really nice. Finally we got to shopping! I had a $45 giftcard to H&M which I wanted to spend. Their current collection is really dull and kinda horrible, to my disappointment, but I managed to find the perfect blazer! I've been searching for one for ages. It's hard to find a blazer which fits perfectly, which it really must. It looked good buttoned up and it looked awesome unbuttoned, too! Can be dressed up or down, I love it. It ended up being $45.14 so I really only paid fourteen cents for it!

THEN I went to check out some shoes. I really didn't think I'd be buying any but ohmigod, I actually had the most amazing luck! I found the perfect pair of suede wedges! Real suede with laces. Can be dressed up or down, I loved them. Check them out! Their original price was $110! GUESS how much I got them for? They were on sale for $49 plus an extra 30% off so they ended up being only $35! DID YOUR HEAD EXPLODE?

My day actually gets even better.

We get back to school and head to the pub to redeem our cards. I give the guy my card and he gives me two dollars AND, a free ticket to next week's Yuk Yuk's comedy show at the school! AMAZING. It was so unexpected and wonderful! We got our free food and bought another for two dollars to share and the waitress felt bad for our last meal messing up so she brought over another and said it's on her and all that but I just couldn't take it from her. But it was an option which she insisted upon, it was lovely!

Today was fucking excellent.

My winter break was great, too. I had my second Christmas ever and I turned twenty. Alex took me to The Rex Hotel for my birthday. It's a live jazz bar on the bottom and a hotel on top, which we stayed at. It was so wonderful! Our window was overlooking the Queen Street in Toronto and there was a lovely night view of the CN Tower in festive lights amongst city buildings in the background and in the foreground, popular shops such as these:

Which was incredibly convenient as we had forgotten the condoms at home! Hah! So we just had to pop across the street real quick, hahaha. Amazing. In the morning we visited the other shop and Alex bought a stunning tobacco pipe before we had breakfast at Café Crepe. Overall successful birthday, I would say! Also as of now we've been together for two years, which is nice to think about.

There's tons more I could talk about since it's been so long, but I'll leave it here.

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  1. omg the shoes are SO cute! *_* for $35 that's amazing!

    Also, I like that nail colour you're wearing ;)