Thursday, September 15, 2011


seven:twenty-four AM and I am so fucking exhausted. Alex told me to go to sleep but I didn't listen until much later. I got up at six:fifty this morning because I thought I'd have to fix my hair and stuff, but I slept on it funny so the back was sticking up in ridiculous directions, so I'm wearing a hat today. This has saved me a lot of time, but now I'm angry that I didn't sleep in longer. Waking up in this room is so difficult. I'd say living here is like a prison, but even prison cells have windows.

Luckily red lipstick is what I would typically wear with this outfit. Luckily because I have this gross cut on my lip that's become infected and horrible and discoloured, so the red lipstick camouflages it nicely. Ew.

Last night I went to a hypnotist show on campus with a few girls from my class. It was.. definitely not what I expected. The guy came up and I didn't even think he was the hypnotist. He took two shots on stage and had quite a crude way of speaking, which really should have hinted to me what kind of show it was going to be. Long story short, everyone masturbated on stage, men were sucking off imaginary cocks and some unknown girl completely humped my leg. This was a two hour show. You may be able to imagine the other sorts of things he got this poor group of people to do. Still, pretty entertaining for eight bucks. My last eight dollars, actually. I have to give my mum my bank account information so she can deposit some money into it.

College isn't bad, but I'd still like it to end as quickly as possible.

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  1. We had a hypnotist show, but it wasn't THAT bad from what I heard! D: I didn't go to it, but I heard all the hypnotist did here was make some girl believe she got rejected by her prom date, and she started crying on stage and yelling at her supposed "prom date."