Monday, September 19, 2011


weekend went by much too quickly. Though, today went by quickly as well. I had my painting class and it went by so fast. Maybe because we were painting the whole time. Then I hung around with a new friend for like, four hours. Hopefully before I know it it'll be Friday again!

Greatest cake ever.
Alex and I went straight home this time and he took me out to the Keg on Friday. It's expensive there, but fuck it's delicious. I decided to pretend it's my birthday to get a free slice of cake. I normally don't like ice cream cake but this one is so soft and delicious, it's barely even ice cream. Alex made me feel really guilty about it, which kinda sucked. I mean, I'm pretty sure practically everyone does it. We're spending seventy dollars on a meal, we deserve a free cake. No one's going to miss it. I felt so awful by the time the cake arrived that I had lost my appetite for it, but I took one bite and everything was better! The Keg was delicious and wonderful, thank you Alex!

I still haven't found a job and I feel awful. My parents are paying for so much for me. The least I could do is make a hundred dollars a week just for groceries and extra expenses. I really hope there are jobs still available in-school. I doubt I'll get one at all otherwise.

I miss being home already. I know it's only Monday, but it's true. Honestly, I'm completely fine until I realize that tomorrow morning I'll have to wake up in a dark, windowless room. That's really when I miss being home. I just miss waking up to sunlight and not having to turn the lights in the bedroom on until the sun sets, rather than first thing in the morning. It's really depressing. It's also close to that time again. Another month has gone by, except this time I'm alone. "Who will take care of me?" I ask. "You will," Alex replies. I'm going to die. I wish my roommates and I were better friends so that I could cry for one of them to please fill up a hot water bottle for me. I'm not going to be okay. Will consult my doctor about seasonal birth control, just to ease the pain! (Don't tell Alex.)

I know that barely anyone reads my blog, but I love writing it.

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