Tuesday, September 20, 2011


was alright. I still can't help but feel a little pissed off, though. My rent said it came with cable. The service provider my landlord uses switched from cable to digital so we need to get a box for the television to work. She's the landlord and it did say it was included in the rent. I really think it's her responsibility to take care of this shit. But no, we each (myself and my two roommates) have to go to the shop and get a box ourselves, and pay four dollars each month to rent it. I know it's only four dollars, but it's the principal of the matter. She should pay the eight extra dollars each month (only two of us are getting it.)
To make matters worse, the landlord is signed up for the cheapest plan, which barely has any channels on it. It's only about thirty dollars. If I had my life together and lived in a big fancy house like hers, I'd definitely drop an extra twenty dollars each month and get all the awesome channels. Though I suppose it's because she's Afghan so she just watches foreign television on satellite. I'm quite upset about it, though. Back home, we had like ALL the channels, and that was just like, basic cable. Luckily Alex as all of them because he's back home, plus he has a DVR. I'll make sure he records all my favourite shows for when I come over on the weekends!

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