Wednesday, September 21, 2011


is my blind contour self-portrait. It's not the one I'm handing in, but that one's left with a friend for tonight. This is all one continuous line that I drew without looking at the paper, but in a mirror. Of course, I cheated a little. That's why I drew another one to hand in instead.

Anyway, I've decided to return the box for the television since all the channels on it suck. My roommates and I discussed it and we've decided to continue streaming television off the internet, and if the landlord calls us to say we've gone over the limit and she has to pay extra, we'll tell her she can take it out of our cable money that we're paying her (since we are paying for cable and are not getting any.) If she goes on about the box, we'll find something to tell her then, too. Taking care of this stuff is her responsibility. We really shouldn't have to go out of our way and pay another four dollars for a shitbox.

My Friday morning class has been canceled, which is wonderful. It's my least favourite class (3D) and it's at eight in the morning. Now I just have 2D at eleven:thirty. I can't wait to go home this weekend!

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